Why should you be a part of the CARIN network? Find out the benefits and get started.

Get Listed

When you have publicly attested to the code of conduct, you can get listed on CARIN's My Health Application website. This website helps to advance the ability for consumers to access an application of their choice based on their own individual data sharing preferences. The CARIN Alliance has not created any certification program and each company claiming that its application attests to the code is responsible for that certification.

Use Our Badge

Our badge indicates that you have voluntarily agreed to a set of industry-leading best practices for protecting and securing health information. It helps your app stand out in the app store and lets consumers know that they can use your app with the confidence that their data is safe.

Step 1

Start by filling out the intake form with some basic information about your app and policies. A member of our team will reach out to you to schedule a meeting.

Step 2

During our meeting, be prepared to do a live demonstration of your application in production, review the CARIN Code of Conduct in detail and how your business model aligns with it, and discuss the FHIR API endpoints you have connected.