The connection experience is the perfect opportunity to educate.

Example App

Our Example App was created to demonstrate how payers can help members learn about data sharing and security just as they are about to connect to a 3rd party app. View our recommendations in action by clicking through the prototype.

Bold placement in Login

Make members aware that they can learn more about data sharing before logging in. This can be done by placing a link to the learning contentin a prominent location that can't be missed.

Learning About Sharing

Provide a landing page for browsing all of the educational topics so that members can dive into one topic at a time and learn about what it means to share their personal health information, privacy practices, and how to safeguard their data.

Developer Privacy Practices and Attestations

Since your members are about to share their data with a 3rd party app, they should have access to any information that may impact their decision, such as an app's Privacy Practices and Terms of Use. In addition to providing links to this information, be sure to call out any additional information provided by 3rd parties during the app registration process, such as attestations to the CARIN Code of Conduct or custom payer questionnaires.

Preview the Experience

Watch a brief video on how you can bring this to life for your members or explore this example app as a clickable protoype.