Give members a dedicated place to learn about data security on your website.

Create an Online Learning Center

Give your website a designated place for teaching members about sharing their data and how to protect themselves. Breaking up information and providing navation between sections allows members to digest large amounts of information easily.

Call Attention to the Leanring Center

Let your members know that you have a permanent home for learning by mentioning it in various places on your homepage.

Main Navigation

Include the Learning Center in your main navigation. This makes it prominent, consistent, and easy to access from everywhere on your website.

Homepage Callout

A block within the main homepage of your website can offer imagery and more of an explaination about the Learning Center, which is more enticing than just a link.

Footer Link

The footer is a nice place to call out the Learning Center once more since members may linger here at the bottom of the page having scrolled quickly over some of the other website content.

Experience this as a clickable prototype