Displaying our badge and using our attestations will give your consumers peace of mind.

Badge in App Store

Placing a CARIN badge in your app store screenshots will aid in the app selection process. It communicates to potential users in just a glance that your app was built with their privacy and security in mind.

Badge in Login Screens

Displaying the CARIN badge on a landing page or login screen can encourage users to create an account knowing that their data will be handled in accordance with the CARIN Code of Conduct.

Badge in Attestation Screens

Be mindful of the user's attention span and understand that every user may not read all of the fine print. Placing the CARIN badge on the attestation overview screens or on the attestation detail screens will allow the user to feel confident enough to continue without reading everything.

Content in Attestation Screens

To avoid having an overwhelming amount of information visible at once and endless scrolling, allow users to show and hide the information one section at a time. Use the CARIN approved content in these screens.