Putting the user and their needs first will make their experience something worth coming back for.

A Clear Optimal Path

It is important that we help the user find the features they need most by giving them the highest visual priority.

When the user is navigating through the important attestation pages, we should give them just the very high level information to start and allow them to dive deeper if they desire, while still keeping the connect action most prominent.

When a user is attempting to connect to their insurance provider, we recommend that search be the most prominent element on the page. Suggested insurance options are valuable but secondary.

Always allow users to revoke access but display it as a destructive action and make sure it cannot happen by accident.

Landing Page

Before Insurance Connection

  • Confirm to users which profile they are in.
  • Allow users to view/edit profile, view/change settings, and log out.
  • The option to connect should be top priority.
  • Allow users to access attestations so they can read before connecting insurance.

After Insurance Connection

  • Make it clear to a user that they have connected their insurance and can now access their health information.
  • Allow user to connect multiple insurance providers and visually seperate each policy.
  • Always provide users a way to revoke their consent.

Attestation Overview Pages

  • Break up information into multiple high level pages.
  • Allow users to navigate back and forth between these pages with UI and gesture-based interactions, and Include pagination indicators.
  • Provide a high level summary, ability to dive deeper, and ability to connect to insurance.

Prioritize Connection

  • Ability to connect is on every overview page so that a user is not forced to go through all of the screens and can choose to connect immediately.

Prioritize Learning

  • Ability to connect is reserved until the user has seen all of the attestation overview pages.
Attestation Overview Pages Attestation Overview Pages
Attestation Overview Pages Attestation Overview Pages

Connecting Insurance

  • Insrtuctions should be clear, simple, and minimal.
  • Search action should have the highest priority at the top of screen and utilize type ahead functionality.
  • We suggest presenting some top level providers to users that are available without searching to help speed up the finding process.


  • Revoke should be displayed as a destructive action.
  • Revoking should trigger a confirmation dialog to ensure the user does not revoke consent by accident and provide a way back to safety.