How we speak to consumers has a huge effect on how they feel and their trust in us.

Voice and Tone

Voice and tone are used to communicate your brand's values and personality. If you want to promote trust, your communication with users should come across as authentic, personalized and human, meaning a natural way of speaking is essential.


We are presenting users with a lot of warnings about the dangers of sharing their personal data. Adopting a positive tone can build trust and help a user feel more comfortable exchanging their data.


We want users to feel that there is nothing surprising hiding behind any curtains, so giving them all the nitty gritty details about what happens with shared data is the most transparent approach.


Users should not be forced to read long or wordy explanations for things that can be expressed simply. Be clear and concise and keep the language at a 6th grade reading level to ensure you are understandable to the widest possible audience.